My words to you

I quickly put on the screen some lines that helped me and probably will help you in the same way. Read and choose your favorites! Thank`s ! Larry

Good Live Poetry

Live your live by your own rules!
Absorb knowledge and expand your universe!
Cross the borders of your limitations!
Imagine your life and build it!
Listen The Prodigy and Beethoven!
Accept the failure as part of life!
Drink from the full side of the glass!
Generate happiness!
Be aware of energy vampires! They do exist!
Plan your success!
Smile yourself every morning in the mirror!
Escape is everywhere!
Your life partner must complete you! Do not make compromises!
Love yourself!
Construct something with your bare hands!
Walk on the street on your bare foots!
Run blind folded! In a forest!
Jump with a parachute!
It some ants!
Visit Easter Island!
Don`t Trust Blond Hair Painted Woman's!
Donate some blood!
In a Supermarket choose the small shopping basket!
Don`t renew your credit cards!
Help the ones in pain!
Help the ones in needs and expect nothing back!
Live one week without Television!
Live one month without reading local newspapers!
Quit the fucking smoking habit !
Stay near positive people!
Learn and teach!
Say yes more often!
Love your parents no matter what!
Constantly improve your universe!

Larry Mata-Tanase

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  1. you speack just like my brother... amazing, same thoughts as mine ! lu'v ya

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