Professional approach and questions during successful job interviews

Question 1
Why did you leave your last assignment
Be careful what you say, give good reasons and do not criticize your former employer if you have completed your contract, no need to worry, choices may be: better prospective, to get more experience, change for a bigger or international company etc.

Question 2
Can you tell me something about yourself?
The interviewer wants to get to know you in the shortest period of time and has put the onus on you to set the pace of the interview. Be brief in your comments 1-3 minutes. Do not ramble. Organise your thoughts into brief descriptions of your birthplace, childhood, parents' vocation, school days, work history, achievements and interests. The interviewer will watch for your enthusiasm, energy level, effective communication, body language and so on.

Question 3
What position are you looking for?
Be self confident and realistic in regards to your experience. Try to sell yourself and be sure you can deliver what would be expected from you. Talk about your concerned department not only the position wanted.

Question 4
What are your objectives and long term plans for the future ?
Tell the interviewer that you would like to join a modern and progressive company similar to the one under discussion. Emphasize that you can do an outstanding job with your years of experience and could be considered for promotional opportunities. Give samples of time spans ( in 2-3 years I would like to be F&B Director, latest in 7-8 years General Manager.
Employers like people planning and setting precise career goals.

Question 5
What is the one thing you are most proud of and what are your strong points?
Choose your answer carefully. You must sound self confident without being too conceited.
Say: people orientated, good motivator, able to built teams, effective manager, able to adapt to change, having lots of drive and energy, well versed in training. Don’t hesitate to give some positive examples what you have achieved.

Question 6
What do you think are your weakest points?
Everybody has a weakness. But sometimes weakness can be an advantage.
Being impatient in business, that things are not moving fast enough according to your guidelines.
However you understand that not everyone equal and you have developed some kind of control mechanism in this regard. 1 or 2 points should be enough

Question 7
Why do you think you are good at this job, why should we hire you?
Give precise examples of what you have achieved so far, including mentioning figures. Give as well suggestions, what you would put into action in your department, in case you would be hired. Therefore it is of utmost importance to check out the company/hotel beforehand, so you know a bit about the operation. Show self confidence and know your limits.

Question 8
What are you doing in your spare time?
Talk about your hobbies, your sport activities and best of all: mention business books and literature, your willingness to widen your professional knowledge, studying and staying on top about the latest business trends.

Question 9
When would you be available?
If you are without a job, say: as soon as you would like me to start.
If you are still employed, mention the time frame of notice and emphasize that you would like to ful-fill your contract. This will always impress you interviewer.

Question 10
What salary expectations do you have?
Try to be tactful and avoid to mention any specific figures or the salary you have in mind.
Even if the interviewer is persistent. This shows you that the company is interested in you. Leave it to the interviewer to make you an offer. Salary and package will be the last thing to be discussed.

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